Weekly Spotlight, May 25, 2020

Many are now celebrating graduations and look forward to the future of continued education or careers. In Springfield and Central Illinois, as in the rest of the country,  graduation ceremonies have been adapted to the times, with social distanced twists on old traditions. For example, this year online or televised speeches will take the place of the traditional commencement addresses before a packed auditorium of family and friends.

In reviewing material for this week's Spotlight we came across the speech, "Lessons from a Third Grade Dropout" by Dr Rick Rigsby. We are sharing the video of the speech with the hope the words of Dr. Rigsby will, not only inspire our 2020 graduates, but all of us during these unsettled times. This speech is ten minute version of the original. Here is a link to the longer version of the speech: https://www.goalcast.com/2017/10/06/rick-rigsby-the-wisdom-of-a-third-grade-dropout/