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The New Philadelphia Town Site is the original site of the now-vanished town of “New Philadelphia”, Illinois. It is located near the city of Barry, in Pike County. Founded in 1836, it was the first town in the United States platted and registered by an African American before the American Civil War. The founder Free Frank McWorter was a former slave who was able to save money from work and his own business to purchase the freedom of his wife, himself and 13 members of his family in Kentucky. Exhibit available to tourists during regular museum hours. Click here for more information.

Cultural Competency:
Ethical Practice in Mental Health
Saturday, March 25, 3:00 to 5:00 p.m.

Elise Bell, MD - Psychiatrist, Professor, Author. Dr. Bell will lead a discussion on Cultural Competency which involves understanding of values, norms and traditions that affect how an individual of a particular group perceives, thinks, interacts, behaves, and makes judgments about their world. The discussion is designed to bring awareness of cross-cultural issues in mental health, understanding the characteristics of Cultural Competence, the capacity to design areas necessary for Cultural Competence and the ability to ethically and effectively practice across cultures. Link to event flyer

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