"Celebrating Empowerment Through the Ballot"

Virtual Fundraiser for the AAHM

Thank you for your continued support of the AAHM. Your support has provided the Board with the opportunity to develop and provide excellent educational programs and exhibits. We now have 4 traveling exhibits that we can lend to schools, businesses and churches. Only through the support of you and other like-minded individuals can the Museum remain operational.

Donations Appreciated!

Please consider sponsoring our virtual fundraiser by filling out the "Sponsorship Opportunities" form below and returning it to the Museum. If you had planned to support the Museum by attending the Gala (before it was cancelled due to the COVID-19) you might consider a donation of $60, the cost of a Gala ticket. Of course, we are very grateful for any amount that you choose to donate. Just click on the "Donate" button on the right to make your donation.

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Letter to our members and friends

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Sponsorship Opportunities

Click on the form below to view the PDF version for easy reading, printing & sharing.