February 10, 2021 @ 7:00 pm
Alvin Hall and Janée Woods Weber on their living history podcast, Driving the Green Book   
In the summer of 2019, award-winning broadcaster Alvin Hall and activist and social justice trainer Janée Woods Weber hit the road, driving 2,021 miles from Detroit to New Orleans collecting personal stories from Black Americans who used the Negro Motorist Green Book during segregation and Jim Crow to navigate trips, patronize Black-owned businesses, and create communities in the face of institutionalized racism. They transformed these recollections (some heartbreaking, some uplifting, but all incredibly moving) into the Driving the Green Book podcast, providing essential historical and human context to life as a Black American during segregation and in today’s world.
In this webinar, Alvin and Janée will share:
1. Why they chose Detroit as the starting point of their Green Book-inspired journey.
2. The vibrancy and distinction of each Black community they visited, as well as the inspiring resilience and entrepreneurship that was at the heart of each business center.
3. Memorable stories of people traveling in their towns and interstate during the time the Green Book was being published.
4. The moving insights they gained about how Black families protected their children from the hurt and horror of racism.
5. The legacy of the Green Book in the ongoing fight for social justice
How and why they turned their travels into a living history podcast
Springfield and Central Illinois have their own stories of Black tragedy, and resilience along the Historic Route 66 highway and we will learn more about those, too. We hope you will join us and invite your friends!
The recorded webinar may be viewed at: https://spiaahm.org/webinars/