Dear Museum Members, Supporters and Friends:

Over the last 12 months, hundreds of people engaged with the Springfield & Central Illinois African American History Museum to be informed, inspired, and to change what they knew (or thought they knew) about the contributions of African Americans. 

Our Mission is to tell our truths clearly, unapologetically, honestly and in a way that children to seniors will be inspired and hopeful.  Our current exhibits include The Middle Passage, President Obama, Illinois African American Families, Illinois African American Firsts, African American Women on US postal stamps, The Illinois Freedom Project, and an art and photographic exhibit of local artisans.

In the future, we will be working to document our museum so you can have a virtual tour of the current exhibits.  We have begun work on a new exhibit, The Five Oldest African American churches started in Springfield, IL.  In addition, we are doing research to complete our first ever completely digital exhibit.  This exhibit will document the Underground Railroad routes through Illinois.

Though our physical doors are closed, we have been working diligently to stay focused and in touch with you.  On our website we have posted a quiz, information on famous African American quotes, a feature article on  Matilda McCrear and an informational film on the Negro Baseball League.  Keep checking our website as we continue to inform, educate and motivate through our website postings.  Also check us out on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages.

We want to maintain our viable presence in your community; especially in our schools and your life.  In order to do that, we need your support.  Since you are already on our website right now, you can help by going to our website then click on Support Us, Membership and become a member or if you are a member, click on the donate icon.


Due to COVID-19, federal and state guidelines, we have no idea when we will be able to open and what that will look like.  Due to our concern for your safety, we have cancelled our Fundraising Gala for 2020.  As you are aware, bills do not stop just because we are closed.

I am extremely proud of what  our small Museum has accomplished over the past few years.  I think we are more vital and important than ever.  We pull from the past but we are crucial for the present and essential to the future.  Because of your support, God’s guidance and wisdom, we have accomplished everything we attempted.

God Bless!!!!!  Stay Safe!!!! And we look forward to seeing you when we open.